Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Obama thoughts

Abe was pretty excited (well, kind of) when Obama made the promise he would be one of the first to know his VP pick by text message.

The night before the announcement, I was on The banner read something like, "Obama chooses Biden as VP running mate."

Abe was in Cali so I texted him to see if he knew. No, he had not received the text. About 5 minutes later, the banner disappeared. Abe received the text a few hours later notifying him of the Biden pick.

My only thoughts: I thought journalists are always trying to get the news first, to scoop each other. If so, why would they renounce their news banner?

...perhaps because the liberal journalism circuit favors Obama?

CNN online Editor: "Oh no, you can't put that up yet! How will Obama look when he didn't have the chance to send out the text? Hurry, take it down before anyone else sees it! Good thing only losers are on on a Friday at midnight!"

So much for getting the scoop first from CNN.


Suz said...

I enjoyed Palin's comments at the Republican Convention. I was annoyed though at the fact that both Hunstman and Romney were bumped from the program. One could think that McCain is trying to distance himself from any "Mormon" connection. It leaves me wondering if the comments his mother made are more to his own opinion than he admitted. Just feeling a little paranoid.

Erin said...

I didn't realize they got bumped, I thought I just missed their speeches. Wasn't Romney before Huckabee?

I thought Palin was very impressive.

Abraham said...

Mitt spoke last night before Huckabee. Video of his speech can be found at:

The text can be found at:

Courtright Family said...

Did you catch the RNC? I watched bits and pieces Thursday night. I thought McCains speech was pretty good. I'd much rather follow him as a pres than Obama!

Chico said...