Friday, September 5, 2008

Iowa City here she comes!

After much to do with United airlines, my sister Brenna is coming to visit! I am so excited, she is the first from my family (or of my friends) to come since my sister Amber and her husband Russ passed through last year (Amber also visited for a cold and rainy spring break one year) and my dad dropped me off. We had a lot of trouble getting the airline to accept her travel voucher so it was a pleasant surprise at almost 5pm when Abe told me she is in fact coming tonight. Talk about spontaneous!

Now, we just have to make her very short trip memorable. Iowa football game tomorrow (even if we just wander around all of the tailgating), maybe a tooth cleaning if I can fit it in (fun!)? I feel the pressure. I need her good PR skills to spread the word about the amazing tourist potential Iowa City, IA has!

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Suz said...

So, we will expect a full travel report. Maybe she can submit one to the "Chapbook".