Sunday, September 21, 2008


Poor silver nokia razor phone no longer lives. I turned him (or her?) off to make my flight today and he could not be resusitated (spelling?). I'm sorry to have shortened your potential life by turning you off before your battery ran low (which at this point wouldn't have been much longer, you just weren't keeping up the power like you used to, no offense). I wish you could have held out until Abe got home or for me to retrieve my phone numbers.

Thank goodness I just got an email a few days ago saying I am up for a new phone. Seems suspicious how close to this time it decided to die.

I may be needing your phone number.

And...any ideas on new phone models for a soon to be dentist?

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Diana said...

Hey Erin, I totally feel your pain. My phone was decapitated two weeks ago. I'm totally in need of your phone number too. I'll send you an email soon with my number. Good luck finding a new phone. I'm still looking for my replacement phone too.