Sunday, June 2, 2013

I always cry at weddings

Weddings make me cry. It seems everything makes me cry lately, but weddings definitely do. I remained relatively stoic at the wedding of Abraham's brother and his adorable fiance just this past week but I did have a few moments of wiping the tears from my eyes ever so discretely.

My initial post for today was going to be related to weddings, inspired by this wedding...but then I thought people "love weddings" so here is my recap (rather than a long-winded wedding related deep thoughts post).

The wedding was beautiful and simple. Held at a restaurant in downtown Chicago called Nellcote. 

It was a hip restaurant with a vintage feels and eclectic details like orange chandeliers, an old fashioned bar, and teal chairs.

Upon arrival each guest had their picture taken with a polaroid camera and the picture was placed in the guest book with polka-dot tape. There was room to write messages and congratulations to the couple. So cute!

The ceremony was short and sweet and in the morning. The elder performing the ceremony was actually the physician who delivered the groom when he was born! He joked he was now delivering him again, to his new wife. What an unexpected but cute and interesting coincidence.

You may kiss the bride (with a much more dramatic and theatrical dip-style kiss than I would have been clever enough to think of let alone pull off!).

And then on to Brunch! 

Everything was simple yet elegant. Her wedding colors must have been black and white as I didn't see any other colors. There were no bridesmaids, no toasts, no bouquet toss.

But there was food! And it was quite colorful. Yummy appetizers, including mini pancake balls and lemon cream for dipping.

I had my first experience with the brunch classic "steak and eggs" and was not disappointed. This was by far the best menu option in my opinion.

The other menu selections were pan perdu (which I guess is french toast-- I guess I'm not very cultured to know that) and a personal cheese pizza.

It was a beautiful wedding and fun to see all of Abe's family together. Definitely a cool group of people. The sunglasses help confirm that fact (a fun wedding favor).

One of my favorite parts of a wedding is the cake. I love to see the unique twist the bride puts on this classic dessert. This was a pretty chocolate cake with buttercream frosting decorated with rose petals. And it got a thumbs up from Abe, which means it was pretty yummy.

Congrats to the beautiful bride and groom! Wish you all the best in the upcoming years!

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Suz said...

What a beautiful wedding. Congrats to Issac and his beautiful bride Chelsee. (The new sis-in-law was pretty beautiful too.)

Erin said...

Weird, this posted an older version of the post. I can't get it to publish the finished draft. Guess you'll have to check back later for changes!

Erin said...
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Susan Rugh said...

Thank you for helping us all feel a part of this wedding--congrats to the newlyweds!