Friday, May 24, 2013


Brenna looks pretty afraid just thinking about being a dental patient

In ninth grade I ran track. I was a distance runner and competed in the 1600 (mile) and 3200 (two mile).   For practice we would run all around town. I remember thinking during the agony of some of our high mile runs, come on one more mile, or just "go the extra mile." I realized then how many of the common cliches we encounter in real life had literal meaning. Things like going the extra mile or lengthening your stride. Maybe I'm just not as clever as everyone else but it always catches me off guard when a phrase is said in its literal context.

My favorite cliché would have to be, "It's like pulling teeth to..." Pretty obvious the reasoning, right? The other day a friend and I were chatting and she said this. I thought, "Great then! If that's all it takes, we are set."

Yes pulling teeth can in many instances be challenging. But I also have the knowledge and skill set, along with the tools to get almost any tooth out with some perseverance.

So great! Anything in life that is like pulling teeth makes me one happy gal (oral surgeon).

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