Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A letter to vent

Dear Amber,

After almost 30 years I am wondering why you decided you could no longer share. Maybe you felt like this year was too significant. Or you just developed a new sense of assertiveness. Maybe you thought that without mountains to watch for melting snow I wouldn't notice*. But I'd appreciate a little heads up. Some common courtesy.  I had to find out myself without a word from you without any room for discussion. I had my suspicions from Facebook the past few days. But a phone call today really tipped me off.

So thanks for kicking me off our birthday!

I haven't been dreading the big 3-0 as much as I expected. But I was planning on a few more days of 29. You know, just for good measure.

It's tricky how you clued everyone else in on this. I keep receiving FB Happy Birthday messages from friends, even those I thought you didn't know. Except they have actually been more like apology messages, "Hope it was great," which I think shows they still feel a little guilty about the whole thing. Messing with a birthday is a pretty big deal.

Our sister Brenna texted me today asking, "Why does everyone think it is your birthday?" I guess she couldn't keep it up so decided to play innocent even while hinting to me what has been going on.

I wondered, "Do they? I thought they were just being on the ball wishing me a few days early."

And then I received a voicemail from Abe's grandmother apologizing for missing my big day.

What's a girl to think? The only logical choice is that you decided you were done sharing. Maybe the split calendar day seemed like a good jumping off point. Half a square on the calendar is pretty hard to fit in two whole birthdays and I am the older twin so pushing me to the 23rd week may have been logical. And I do appreciate you not relegating me to "June 31" like our kindergarten and 1st grade teachers ("No, sweetie, it says June 31 so that must be your birthday. You are only 6 so you just don't know. . . What do you mean there isn't a June 31?). 

If you take me back, I promise not to eat all (or any) or your cake! I was just thinking that we haven't really shared a birthday in a long time which was kind of sad. Hope you will reconsider.

Love you old girl!


PS Now I get it. This was our GOLDEN birthday (30 on the 30th). That is a big deal. How about we compromise and you have your day in Utah and I'll have mine in Iowa?

* My mom used to tell us that our birthday would be "When the snow is melted off the mountains." This was also when we could start running through the sprinklers and wear our swimming suits outside.

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