Monday, June 3, 2013

Dirty Trick Bad Picture Monday

My friend Tawnya keeps hassling me about the bad photos I've been posting of myself on Mondays. She states they simply aren't "bad enough." Every time I see her we have this same discussion, "Did you see that picture I posted? You need to post some pictures that actually are bad." I guess she maybe feels a little betrayed I encouraged her to be brave and then I didn't hold up my end of the bargain. I now feel like we are in competition to have the worst actual bad picture online.

I think this is a perfect example of being hard on yourself because I thought I was posting legitimate ugly pictures. My rebuttal is, "I can't help it if I am so beautiful even my ugly pictures are great." Sadly, I don't really believe that.

But in way of placating a friend (and moving on to more interesting future conversations), I will try yet again. In doing so I am taking a big risk --

I am posting said actual "bad picture" of Tawnya.

These are my reasons.

1. Objective comparison. The scientist in me needs to SEE the raw data.
2. Competitive spirit. If I have to look this bad, you should too.
3. Moral support. Isn't that the whole idea of these bad pictures, anyway? To take ourselves a little less seriously, and see others do the same.

And if that isn't good enough,

4. Tawnya, remember you were the original poster to put it out into internet land for all to see and repost? (And wouldn't it be funny if I ended here and didn't put my picture tempting.)

This is a particularly risky venture as she did not give me permission to repost the picture and she did not confirm to me which picture was indeed the said bad one.

I really am hoping for that reason that this is the one you meant! Wouldn't that be awkward if this was one of your faves.

So as promised above, here is mine for comparison. Should we start taking votes? Would anyone else like to join the competition for the title of "Actually Ugly" bad picture?

I sure hope this meets the criteria Tawnya! I don't think I can do much better (or would it be worse!). What can I say, I like Taco Bell.
Or we could say I am trying out to be on The Walking Dead. Don't I look like a zombie about to bite into someone?

Thanks for being brave Tawnya! I hope you realize I love that picture above as it gave me a good laugh and reminds me what a fun person you are (and probably a good cook, too). It doesn't make me think you are any less beautiful. (Hopefully you can return the favor!)

And a picture to prove it.


Tawnya said...

Ok Erin, first of all, I am not mad at all that you posted this. I posted it myself the first time. And it is quite hideous. But the reason it is so terrible is because I was so much heaver then, I had no makeup on, zits all over, my hair was greasy, and I was wearing goggles!!! Yikes.

I have posted several pictures of me not looking my best, like this one: where I am holding my new ipad. I have makeup remains under eyes, my hair is sticking up in all directions, still really zitty, and I am so greasy/sweaty! Yikes!! (Shudder)

Your pictures are all of you still looking beautiful with your hair done and makeup on just doing something unfortunate like closing your eyes. Yes you look zombie-like in your picture, but you still have a cute hat on with your hair up and you still look cute! Sorry Erin, but I still win! You need to take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning when your mascara is under your eyes and your hair is sticking up. Or maybe you never look like that. Maybe you always look fantastic. I think the latter is the case from all the "bad" picture you have shown.

Nice try though. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha funny post. Neither of your pictures are bad... Everyone is just super critical of themselves

Sarah said...

I think Tawnya wins this contest. Those goggles are hilarious! However, you are both beautiful in person. Better luck next time, Erin!

Rachel Culmer said...

I love the picture of Tawnya with the goggles! So great.

Camber said...

I burst out laughing when I saw the picture of Tawnya. Your picture made me crave tacos.