Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strawberry thief

July 2010 137

July 2010 138

Abe’s mom bought me a hanging strawberry plant for my birthday. I was so excited—it was so cute and the strawberries were very yummy…while they lasted. It seemed that while we had an abundance the first few days, they quickly became absent. Abe noticed the plant swinging one day and snapped these pictures. This little squirrel has been jumping on to the plant and eating our berries. I don’t know how we stop that!

If you look closely, you can see him enjoying his treat. Glad is since I'm not sure we'll ever get to!


Courtright Family said...

Darn squirrels! We have too many around our house too. They eat our pumpkins every Halloween,

Kellie said...

There's a movie at the Iowa City Library called "Squirrel Wars," and yes, we've seen it multiple times because we're that nerdy. But it does have some ideas for squirrel proofing your yard!

nathan n rachel said...

Dang little booger!