Saturday, July 10, 2010

The mysteries of Orbit


This week I have embarked on my fourth journey exploring the anatomy of the human body. Despite all of my previous attempts, I have always taken as quick tour through the eye as possible. I have never really liked eyes, not when it comes to anatomy and physiology. Things like glass eyes have always been hard for me and the thought of performing surgery on them just gives me the creeps. Not to mention, I just don’t understand it. There is so much physics involved and what a complex little structure of microscopic layers.

I realized during this past go around I wanted to really try to understand better. Over the past year I have seen surgeries we do that involve the bones around the eye and trauma that can cause severe eye problems such as blindness. I need to know these structures and am slowly getting over the creep factor of this part of the body.

My recent studying confirmed to me the mystery of the eye, however. When I study it, I feel like I am talking about some mystical outer space galaxy. I can’t help but think of Captain EO. I can imagine a ride at Disneyland (ala Magic School Bus, perhaps?).

“Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare to embark upon our journey through the Orbit. This is a very confusing and difficult journey so hold on tight and pay attention. As we enter the tarsal plate, be careful to notice the sebacious glands of Zeio located closely to the rudimentary glads of Moll. Continuing on, we will find ourselves in the annular tendon of Zinn. Be sure to note the palpebrae muscles…”

I am very grateful there are doctors who “want to look in eyes all day.” I certainly respect what they do. And I hope to figure it out much better this time around.


nathan n rachel said...

I love Captain EO

brenna said...

There is something about the eyes. I'm glad someone gets excited about them!

Abby said...

Captain EO is creep.y.