Thursday, March 4, 2010



Beginning on March 1, Iowa had a rebate program for energy efficient appliances, an incentive to buy new EE appliances to replace older, less efficient models. After multiple attempts, and despite a crashed website, I was somehow able to log on to the program and sign up for a few rebates. Pending the finalization of our home purchase, we will be the proud new owners of a new front loader washer, minus $200 from the state. Thank you!

We will also be purchasing one of these babies:


Nothing to get you excited like a hot water heater! Funny, though, as an adult, you get boring or something because I was pretty pumped about the washer and the heater. The house has a 22 year old water heater (normal time frame is 10-20 years), so it is due for a new one. We figured we’d take advantage of the rebates while we could. So, we will save $100 here as well!

And, lucky us. Even though over $2.7 million was set aside, it was all used up by 4 pm. I guess a lot of people were pretty unhappy they didn’t get their rebate. I felt very lucky. I not only snagged one, but two rebates.

I have also heard you can get rebates from the electric company. Anyone heard of this?

I figure that is an extra $300 to spend on other improvements to the house for something like one of these babies:


To replace something like this:


(only worse).


Amber W. said...

Yay for rebates!

Ugh. That old sink reminds me of elementary school and powdered soap.

Erin said...

Ha ha, I know! The house must have been built at the same time. That scratchy powdered soap, what is it called? Something with a b? borax?

MrColtonJackson said...

hahaha i forgot about borax until i just read your comment.

Thats good to hear you guys are having success.

brenna said...

Exciting! You need to post some pictures of your new place.