Monday, February 22, 2010


One of our neighbors owns a porsche. It is beautiful. and shiny. and red. It is also homeless. To our surprise, it has no garage. It is constantly covered in snow. I was going to get a picture to illustrate the great care it is receiving but it was finally driven and unearthed. Bummer. We constantly marvel at its sleek lines and hope we don't slip into it when we leave our slanted parking lot in the ice. We also marvel that it is left to the elements, just like our also sporty car, 1992 honda civic del sol.

I guess that is how you take care of your $80K car when daddy buys it for you.

I really wish I had a picture. A shiny red sports car covered in a foot of snow. Seems very out of place.

Something to look forward to maybe? --Not taking care of things that seem pretty special now.

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Suz said...

Well, at least shiny red Prowlers stay in the garage and stay shiny.