Monday, March 29, 2010

Life as an intern, continued…

Can you believe March is already almost over? Time has just been flying!

Right now I measure time by “number of days on-call left this month.” It is a kind of funny way to measure, because, for example, I get pretty excited at the end of the month when I only have one or two days left. This is regardless of how many days are left on the calendar. For example, “Wahoo, only one day left on call for March!” Except that day is also March 31.

Anyway, I am beginning to see the end of my internship. I only have 3 months left of call. That makes June seem very fast in its approach.

Changes lately:

1. I am beginning to feel much more independent. This is great, although I am finding I know just enough to be dangerous. Sometimes I think I know the plan only to later realize I was wrong. Oops. Nothing major, but I am beginning to feel pretty comfortable in most situations.

2. At first I was mortified every time my pager went off. Then I was only mortified if it was for a facial laceration. Now, I don’t feel afraid. This week I sewed up an old man’s face who fell and hit his forehead. He was very happy to have me work on him (I think he liked the attention) and even gave me hugs and kisses (on the cheek) when I was done.

I also conquered a chin laceration on a child who fell into a park bench. The parents demanded the plastic surgeon. Instead, they got me. The intern. The DENTAL intern. It seems laughable, esp to myself, but they were very pleased with the results in the end. Phew. I can tell I am getting better, slowly. And faster, slowly.

3. My wisdom teeth surgeries are becoming much easier and faster. I get stuck here and there on an especially difficult case, but I have come a long way since day one.

4. I have realized that I break-out whenever I am on facial trauma call where I have to stay in-house at the hospital. Is this because I break my routine, wash my face less, have more stress? Who knows, but it is true.

5. I finally realized what the title “resident” means. It means they live, or actually RESIDE,  at the hospital. It has definitely been true this past week when I spent probably 60 of the last 72 hours there.


It is weird to think how far I have come. It is also weird to think I haven’t even started yet! I am enjoying my time now but I am excited for next year and beginning officially on my way to becoming an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon.


nathan n rachel said...

I would definitely say that you reside at the hospital.

Diana said...

I hope you have a fun vacation planned before you start this all over again. Do you get time off for that? Crossing my fingers that you do!

Congratulations on being such a stellar resident! Wish you resided here in NC instead, though!

Abraham said...

Good thing it was only on the cheek : )