Sunday, February 14, 2010


I read an article about the ever-so-classy John Mayer this week. While I’m not even going to start delving into my thoughts on HIM, it did remind me of something I have thought about from time to time.


GLsimpson_smallDo you remember the young Jessica Simpson? The one who sang songs like, “I wanna love you forever,” whose daddy was a preacher, and who promised to be a virgin until she got married because of her strong Christian values?


It’s kind of hard to remember now (this is a tamer picture than most I found) with pictures like this and learning about how she is like “sexual napalm.”

It makes me wonder, is chastity and virtue only important the first time around? I am impressed by her sticking to her standards initially. But, what about now? What happened to the preacher’s daughter?

I wonder, what does this say about Jessica? Or maybe even more so, what does this say about society? She seems more popular than ever. It is sad to me that perhaps she felt she had to fill the mold. I think it is even more sad what message this sends to women and girls.


brenna said...

I was wondering about that too. Although, I wouldn't say she's more popular than ever, it seems she is constantly being ridiculed for something...

Courtright Family said...

What a slime ball. They both are. I remember hearing that stuff about Jessica Simpson's virginity back in the day and thinking, "Yah right."