Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Musings

It has been about 1.5 weeks since I found out I was accepted into the oral surgery program. Here area  few thoughts since then:


Now I can really take my vacation time. I was worried to ask for it off before because I wanted to show my commitment. I think I was the only one who took zero time off from October –now, during the holiday season. I am hoping to head to Utah to see my family this spring.


Abe and I started house hunting. Our neighbor is also in my program and moving this summer. He said we could have first dibs on the house if we want it. We are excited about it and told him yesterday we want the house. This week we will hopefully have our offer in writing. It is exciting to think of a bigger place and some of the new possibilities: decorating, improvements, storage! garage! yard!


Finally, only one more season of Lost. I need answers.


I have been more motivated to exercise for a 100 day fitness program I am doing. BUT… I am still so tired after work. I still don’t have very much time. If nothing else, I have been taking the stairs more often and exercising at least a few hours a week which is an improvement.


Life just feels good. I can’t believe how much stress has been lifted since Jan 25, match day. I knew it was stressful being the intern and “on an interview everyday” but I feel a tangible decrease in my stress load in even my very basic responsibilities. Being on call seems easier. Waking up early for work seems less tiring. Interacting with faculty much less intimidating. I finally feel legitimate. I also feel like a walked out of a black cloud.


brenna said...

What an exciting time! What are you going to do with your condo?

Diana said...

I'm so happy for you, Erin! Think how much easier next year will be for you now that you've done the internship.

I definitely agree that you need a vacation. Enjoy yourself, my dear!

And I'm so happy that LOST is back on. Mark broke up with the show many seasons ago, but I'm a die-hard fan.

Good luck with planning everything for your new home. How exciting!