Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sale pending

Yesterday we put an offer on a house. Within a few hours we received word from one of the owners that once her husband is back in town (on Sunday) they would like to officially accept our offer and sign all of the papers.

I am really excited about the thought of our first HOUSE. Right now we own our condo which has been wonderful. I did get a twinge of sadness thinking we will leave our cute little first home together, but I think the upgrade to a house will be great. I am excited for storage space, a small yard to entertain in, a two-car garage, and a new slate for decorations and improvements, and the huge kitchen.

More details on the house: it was built in 1935 with an addition of a kitchen and great room and garage in 1960. It has two bedrooms, one bath, with beautiful wood floors throughout. The kitchen is huge! It has a large attic and basement for storage or possible improvements. And, it is close to work in a great, quiet, friendly location.

If all goes well, we will move the end of June.

Our condo will be up for rent. If anyone is looking to move to a two bedroom condo right by the University, let us know! It is an older buidling that has been completely upgraded a few years ago before we purchase it. It is very cute and in an optimal location for professional students or residents! We will miss it but I am pumped about the idea of our new house!


brenna said...

Sounds exciting! You'll have to post some pictures when you can

nathan n rachel said...

Oh...I'm excited for you. Do you have any pictures?

Ranip said...

congrats! that is really exciting! hope everything goes through okay!!!!

Oriens said...

whoa! So excited for you!!!!

Heidi Anne said...

I hope all goes well! That's going to be awesome to have a home... and close to work:)