Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sew you see

People are often surprised to hear that I like to sew. As a little girl it seemed my mom was always making something. I always wanted her to teach me. We started with little things like Barbie clothes, usually with little success. I didn't start to really make anything cool until I started taking sewing classes in jr and sr high school.

As I have grown up I have noticed how much I still love to sew and my skills sometimes come in handy. Here are a few of the things I have made for those who are curious.

This is my most tragic project. It has been probably 6 years in the making. I am not a quilter and don't want to tie this. Anyone want to share their expertise? It is supposed to be a blue/green pattern but unfortunately the lime green looks yellow next to the blues. Oops.
I love making baby things (why did this pic come out sideways, btw?). They are often simple and fast which I need with my schedule. I made these baby booties for a good friend. I love the lime green with the traditional pink. The green button has a cute flower pattern.

More baby gifts. It seems every woman I know is expecting. I wish I could keep up!

This is one of my few contributions to Abe's condo when I moved in. I found this great fabric WAY on sale and bought the entire bolt. It is a sheer green with goldish/green velvety stripes (can't tell from the picture). Unfortunately, it was an out-of-business sale so I couldn't get more. Wish I could to make them a little more full. I think they turned out pretty good considering I had to make-do with what I had.

Trying to go green, I made this re-usable lunch sac for my sister. I thought the fabric was SO cute! It is essentially a brown paper bag style bag, made of canvas. Again, hard to tell from the picture. I hope you use this sometimes, Amber!

Here is the one I made for myself. I liked the earthy pattern. Seemed very "GREEN," appropriate.

A few things on my baby/household sewing wish list:

1- quiet book. I am always trying to steal a peak from people at church for ideas.
2- a lunch box for Abe
3- placemats/table runners
4- stockings and a tree skirt
5- advent calendar. My mom had this Christmas calendar with pockets for each day with a little Christmas pin. On your day you would choose the pin out of the pocket and get to wear it that day. That night, it would go on the Christmas tree image on the top and anyone could wear it after that. I LOVED that and would like to start that tradition with my own kids. Good thing I have awhile. :)
6- Finish my quilt. Right now it is a queen-sized mess.

Next time I will post some pictures of things I have made for myself to wear.

PS I get most of my baby shower ideas from my friend Jill. Check out her blog on my sidebar, Homemade by Jill, for ideas or patterns.


Amber W. said...

That quilt is quite a project! I love homemade by jill, too. I would love to make some of her crafty things.

With all the baby items you said you've made, I half expected to hear a pregnancy announcement at the end of this post. ;-)

nathan n rachel said... little seamstress. I want to learn how to sew!

Abby said...

I really want to make an advent calendar--I found one online that I love and it doesn't require sewing, which is a bonus for me! The most I've ever sewn is stockings last Christmas, but they are my pride and joy now:) Great job on all your projects. When will you teach me?

brenna said...

I had high hopes of making our stockings this year, but i don't think it is going to happen. We bought some cheap stockings the other day as a back up plan :P

Diana said...

Thomas loves the elephant you gave him. He grabs it and moves his arm up in the air (like an elephant trunk)and makes an elephant sound. I think of you every time he does this (because of your thoughtfulness--not because you resemble an elephant.)

I have quiet book on my list of things to do for Thomas. Alas, I don't think I have the time right now so I might break down and just buy him one instead. We'll see....

Amber said...

I have really enjoyed learning to sew. I am impressed with your projects and how you actually find time to sew, among everything else you do!!!!

I pretty much want to make all of the same things you want to make. I still have to finish my own leather stockings and baby nursery set before I even think of anything new!

ceo said...

You are so crafty! Gosh what can you not do? Learning how to sew was not on my "5 things I want to accomplish" list but I think I will go add it now. =)