Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Can it really be December? I am having a hard time believing it. We've had our tree lit and decorated for almost a week, lights in our windows, stockings hanging from our curtain rod (yes, I said curtain rod, thank you very much. We don't have a fireplace so at least they are HANGING), a nativity scene out, and I've even allowed some Christmas music to play around me (I get really annoyed by pre-Thanksgiving day holiday cheer through song). But, somehow, it just doesn't feel like Christmas...until today, maybe. It got really cold. Windy. Chilling. Cold. but no snow which is a relief (because in Iowa snow does not mean beautiful white flakes and white capped mountains--it means ice covered streets and sidewalks threatening to break your wrist before you have disability insurance--I really hope I didn't just jinx myself!). Also, maybe I need to take down my fall wreath but I love coming home to it on the door so I am hesitant to replace it already!

As for this month, I feel tired. I have survived 5 months of intern year. In a lot of ways it feels like "SURVIVED." I am excited for the idea of Christmas time. I am not excited for my still to come 9 days on-call this month (I definitely live on a how-many-days -left-of-call-this-month basis). I also have the joy of working on both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, as well as almost every other day the week before Christmas. So much for the Holiday spirit. I have almost this whole week off call, so maybe I should open my presents now. If you have them feel free to send them on early. :)

With that said, I am looking forward maybe more so to the new year. I wonder what the year 2010 will bring. Here are a few of my hopes:
1) Successful match into Oral Surgery (and if not, at least a decision one way or the other will be good)
2) Abe will finish his PhD and return to the clinics to finish Med School
3) Complete intern year with flying colors!
4) New house (with storage?)
5) 2 weeks of vacation time (what should I do with it?)

I wish you the best of what the season can bring!


Diana said...

Good luck with your schedule, Erin. So many big things ahead for you both this year. That's wonderful! As far as the new house goes, you should also look for one for a fireplace--or at least one with a great place to put up a beautiful stocking-hanging curtain rod. :)

nathan n rachel said...

You should sleep for your vacation. I bet you will be super busy on new years eve.

ceo said...

I am having a hard time believing it is December as well. And you are waaay ahead of me with Christmas decorations. And really? you are working on both eves? (sad face)

p.s. which part of town are you moving to?