Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nutty Putty Cave

I still can't believe this happened! I can only imagine the fear and horror he and his family must have felt while he was trapped alive. They can't get him out and will seal off the cave which is just unimagineable to me.

Have you been to Nutty Putty? It is a very popular spot in Utah. I went with some friends during college and I guess it wasn't such a bad thing that I was too scared to crawl through the "birth canal."


Dave and Abby said...

The Nutty Putty caves are perhaps one of my ultimate favorite places on the planet to be. I could never have enough time in them. I've spelunked through them probably six or seven times (I would have gone weekly if they weren't so hard to get to.) I know exactly the part of the cave where the tragedy took place - only once did I attempt to traverse down that narrow space, and it is the only time I have ever become truly afraid in those caves. I remember the moment I realized my sense of adventure was about to become dangerous and so tried to back out but instead started slipping. With each attempt to wiggle back up I would slip and go a little further down; luckily my brother-in-law was right behind me and caught hold of my feet and pulled me back (I was wearing slippery water-proof pants.) I do love those caves and I will miss their wet dirt smell and the singing chamber (right outside the birth canal) where the acoustics are perfect for harmonizing. But I did sense the danger in them and that feeling has now proven accurate. I suppose it is good to remove the danger, but still...I will miss them.
This post is written by our friends who know the family.

Chelsea said...

I feel sick just thinking that I was ever stupid enough to do that. I'm glad no one else can anymore, it's just not worth it!