Saturday, November 14, 2009

I don't have much time to myself but I realized today when I am home and alone the thing I almost inevitably want to do is make something. With this in mind, I like to peruse fabric stores and walmart's craft section for things on sale to have on hand in case I need a quick creative fix.

During my perusings at walmart while picking up a few essentials, I had some inspiration. I know I have almost missed the fall season (Christmas decorations will likely come out in just a few short weeks), but I couldn't resist when I saw some really pretty colorful leafy garland in pretty fall colors with gold sparkles. And besides, I've been wanting a wreath or other seasonal door decoration.

$6.97 and about 25 minutes later (due to my excessive fiddling, not complexity), I had a pretty wreath. I didn't glue anything down so I guess I can change out the garland for other seasons, and probably leave the taffetta. I dunno. Anyway, I feel proud of myself because outside of sewing, I don't feel very capable in the crafting department. The picture really doesn't do it justice, I think it looks much better in real life, by the way. I should have looked for a rounder wreath, too.

Now, how do I get it on my door?


Amber W. said...

Cute! I need to do something like this. You've totally inspired me!

nathan n rachel said...

You need a door hook. Look at Hobby Lobby!

Cute wreath Erin

Abby said...

Yep, just a simple door hook. Although the people that lived in my house before me put a nail in the door so that's what I use now--don't know why they did that.

I made a Christmas wreath last year it was so fun. I love fall wreaths too--good job!