Friday, November 6, 2009

You go girl!

I was shocked and very sad to hear of the events at Fort Hood. What a tragic blow for our country when our own citizens turn on each other. As a medical professional, it made me even more appalled that a physician took so many lives that he went to school years and years to protect, help, and heal.

When I heard the person who took the shooter down was a woman I was very interested. I was impressed she would have the courage to stand up to him and risk her life to save those around her. I think we need strong women who are willing to stand up and protect our families and neighbors from the evils of the world. I hope she has a speedy and successful recovery.

I admire and respect the men and women who give their lives to protect our country. I love working at the VA hospital and hearing the stories and the incredible sacrifices of those who have done so much for us. Thank you and God bless! I am sorry such a tragic event has effected those who already put themselves willingly in harm's way for us.


nathan n rachel said...

We do need stronger women in the world...I agree.

Suz said...

Yes, it is a tragedy. Always is when human life seems to hold no value to such an increasing number of people these days.

Life is so fragile. We think we have things figured out and then we get hit in the face.

There needs to be more Christlike love. We need to rethink our priorities and work on loving and builing each other up instead of worrying so much about ourselves.
We get so caught up in our own selfish desires that we end up hurting the ones we are supposed to love the most.

In this case, he hurt himself, his victims and so many others who loved the victims. It is just senseless.

It is just so sad