Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It has been 2.5 weeks since the dental board exam. We are supposed to expect the results after 4 weeks although the examiners made it sound more like 2 -3 weeks. Today was the first day I half expected-hoped for it to arrive.

No luck.

I am torn thinking about the day it arrives. Logically, I am in the top half of my class and should have done just fine. But also, the test isn't very logical! I am crossing my fingers and praying (can God--or rather will He--change scores after the fact to magically create a pass while my letter is in the mail?) and hoping I wont have to retake the test.

The consequences of failing are so grim I can't imagine not passing. But I also can!


shawn said...

Well, speaking from my own personal experience... I walked out of boards... both written and practial.. saying.. I failed.. there is no way that they are EVER going to pass me.. but you know what?? I passed with really good scores... and you will too!! I know it.. I just feel it!!!
Keep us posted!!!

Suz said...

God helped you recall what you learned and he helped you, probably fighting you every min., to keep calm enough to have recall of what you learned during the test. There won't be any miraculous grade changing on it's way to you. Bummer!
That would be nice...but it was in his hands, but mostly yours before this point. Now is to trust and have faith.

Edwards Family said...

Good luck! I hope that you hear soon!