Thursday, April 16, 2009

Persistent Sales

The other day I had a strange call on my cell phone from a man named "Michael Vincent." He was nicely calling to follow up on the make money from home CE course I recently took. When I couldn't understand him, he repeated again how he was calling about the make money at home program. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about but he assured me I did. I kindly got him off the phone (END CALL) while he tried to persuade me that I really did know him and I really did sign up for this program. I think he even knew my name. ??? 213 area code.

He called me back 2 more times. My call log said:

call 4:39
missed call 4: 40
missed call 4:43

What nerve! Either that, of he really had a legitimate reason and couldn't talk clearly enough for me to understand. Has anyone had such pesky marketing schemes? And how did he know my name? I looked up the number on google and evidently I am not the only one to receive sketchy calls from this guy. Weird!


Bob said...

You need to register your number on the Do Not Call list. Most of the people that registered initially have expired. It is time to re-register. I have noticed an increase in solicitation calls so I re-registered and now am waiting for the to call so I can get their info and turn them in for $11,000. Bring it on!

Amber W. said...

We've been getting solicitor calls from that same area code over and over. Sometimes a person picks up, sometimes they don't. Luckily, if someone does start talking, they ask for the person that used to have Brett's cell number, but I wouldn't be surprised if they start asking for him from now on. We know your frustration!!