Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bicycle Safety

A close family member was hit by a car today while biking. The driver did not look carefully on the bike path for any fast on-coming bicycle traffic and pulled out just as the cyclist went to cross off the path and on to the road. Said biker ended up unable to stop in time and on the windshield of the car with the bike completely ruined. After an ambulance ride to the hospital and a short hospital stay, all was deemed okay minus some scrapes and large bruises. We are all very happy that our family member was okay! A scary time.

Please be careful and kind to bikers. I know it can be frustrating to get "stuck" behind a slowly moving biker, but it can be frightening to be intimidated by an impatient driver! It may slow you down a bit while you try to pass, but in reality, bikers are helping the community both by reducing traffic, pollution, wear and tear on the road, and hopefully in reducing healthcare costs through prevention. I am sad to hear how many threats and honks I get as a biker as well as having experienced being "hit" by a car mirror while hugging the shoulder.

If for nothing but your own safety, please watch sidewalks and bicycle paths carefully as you pull out into moving traffic or out of your drive way. While you may be watching the road for fast cars or the sidewalks for slow pedestrians, take an extra second to watch for quickly moving bike traffic on the side of the road or crossing into the road from a bike path.



brenna said...

Who was it? I'm glad s/he is ok.

MrColtonJackson said...

wow, biking seems to becoming a pretty extreme sport for the said individual. Glad to hear he's ok!

nathan n rachel said...

I'm glad to hear that your family member is okay. Be safe out there biking! I had a very close friend die a couple years ago in a motorcycle accident due to an impatient driver. Granted, bicycles and motorcycles are different...but still...be safe.

Rachel Culmer

The Swensons said...

I'm glad to hear everything is okay. My dad is a cyclist, so I've always been extremely careful around them (to the point where I'm sure cars behind me get annoyed, but hey, better safe than sorry!).