Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last elusive requirement

I am still working on finding my last graduation requirement, my molar root canal treatment.

So far, I keep "getting lucky" with patients that get popped into my schedule at the last minute with evident need for a root canal (RCT) but end up "unlucky" when it comes to the actual treatment. Thus, I am still looking.

Attempt #1: Referall at last minute from classmate for deep cavity and likely need for RCT. After a very long morning, no RCT was needed and I placed a very large silver filling (amalgam).

Attempt #2: The same afternoon I started a RCT on a patient referred for severe pain from our admissions appt. Pt cancelled her follow-up appointment to continue the treatment due to insurance reasons. She claims she will come back when her gov't insurance kicks back in, but even with Obama as president, the gov't is slow. I'm not holding my breath.

Attempt #3: Last week I switched patients at the last minute with a classmate (same classmate from attempt #1). The patient had received narcotic pain killers the week previously for a tooth needing RCT. When he arrived for our appt, he was no longer in pain and RCT was not indicated unless the cavity got too deep. It didn't. Another HUGE amalgam filling.

Attempt #4: Today while finishing up a patient I was given a RCT on emergency. Another student did the diagnosis and prepared her for the RCT. About 30-45 minutes in to the procedure she demanded to be let up and for us to finish. We did not even start the RCT. This is very unfortunate as it was a perfect tooth--a young and healthy patient with very straight roots, no interferences, and it was a lower molar (easier than uppers, which all of the others have been so far).

So, I am starting attempt #5 next week with hopes it will work out for real this time!


Suz said...

You still have tons of time. Ha ha

It will work out.

nathan n rachel said...

Good Luck Erin! Hope it works out.

brenna said...

Oh man! That's frustrating. It will all work out though. Now worries!

shawn said...

not that I ever wish a pt needing a RCT and really not on a molar.. but well.. I will hope that you get one soon!! some poor person will need a RCT... really!!