Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2 months to go!

I'm back at school. I was really dreading it but although there are things about school that are frustrating or annoying, overall I enjoy being there. I guess I like to work hard and I like dentistry.

After about a 15 week absence, I am back in the clinic. Fortunately, I finished almost all of my big cases before I left at Christmas time. Unfortunately, this means I have very little to do now that I am back, and with a few glitches with patients (moving, not following through with treatment while I was gone, etc) even less to do than I initially thought. So, I have been working on initial exams with new patients all week and into next and probably the next. This means a very thorough and boring exam and cleaning that tends to take all morning or afternoon, with few points (something I am trying to get a lot of so when I reapply for residency I don't look like a senior slacker).

But...I only have 3 patients to finish (with less than 10 points each--less than one full appointment), 2 procedures, and about 400 points to go to meet my grad requirements. I am feeling good about that!

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shawn said...

I guess.. Welcome back??!!
Hope that you get some big point patients in there soon!! at least so you aren't bored!!