Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Cool One

I talk a lot about my twin sister Amber, but I haven’t talked much about the rest of my family. I am the oldest of five children, the youngest being “C,” the only blondie in the group (except for my bro-in-law Russ). Unlike the rest of us POSERS (funny pun), she and my brother Colt are the only ones who actually really have mastered the guitars we are showcasing, with the rest of us on a spectrum of dabbling.


My family, minus new babies with the custom made guitars my dad made for each of us

If I had to choose a label, I’d say C is my “Cool” sister. She’s the one with the funky style – the pretty and punky combination with floral dresses and pink hair. She isn’t afraid to be herself which I think is especially admirable at her age. She’s the one that not only rocks in her multiple rock bands (winning battle of the band competitions as the lead guitarist) but also in the band at school. She plays piano, bass clarinet, and guitar (and I think bass guitar). She is very musically talented. I always wanted to play electric guitar and I’m so impressed she does like a boss! Not to mention she is so pretty and the only one with blonde hair and blue eyes in our family (jealous!).


Unfortunately with C having the biggest age difference between me and her, she is the sister I have spent the least time with. She was just a little girl when I left home for college and I have been in Iowa for much of her older teenage years. But I love the times I get to spend with her and I remember her as the cutest little girl! Maybe that is why I can’t believe my baby sister is graduating from high school this year! I feel like I have missed so much of that time.


C has always loved animals. When she was very little I remember she was always pretending she was a “puppy dog.” This was a very realistic representation, right down to the “puppy dog kisses!” I’m not sad she outgrew that one. This is a picture of us from long ago at the Channel Islands. I think we were waiting on the beach for seals.


I am impressed with her interests. She has been cooking and experimenting in the kitchen for years. She has a fascination with international cultures, languages, music, foods. I like coming home and playing in the kitchen with her.


She is an amazing artist, especially in digital art, and is applying for a very competitive art school. I hope she isn’t mad that I swiped this picture from her facebook account but I think this one is so interesting. I don’t know where she gets her ideas but she is obviously way more creative than I ever will be!


All in all, she is a beautiful and sweet sister.

I’m so excited to see where life takes you!


Love you C!



Cait's Mom said...

She is an amazing girl. How many teenager girls do you know who you can say is a self-taught expert on Iceland? She even taught herself to speak the language, not an easy task. One man from Iceland heard about that and asked, "Why?"
Ha ha ha

'C' said...

....I don't speak icelandic because you never let me buy any resources to it

with my own money

Tawnya said...

What a cute little sister. And she looks so much like you!