Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don’t be mad…

I was snooping in some old pictures I found of Abe’s on our computer today. I had never seen these before from his time at BYU. He’ll probably be mad at me but I couldn’t help but post a few…or a lot.

Look at that curly hair! I forget that his hair was similar to this when we met. Maybe the stress of medical school took it out of him?


I wonder what this dinner was? He is there with his grandpa…I never met him while he was alive but I did attend his funeral.


BYU basketball players? (Look at that hair! I’m still amazed)


I’ve never seen him in a tux.


I recognize her from Facebook (and those pants…didn’t know they were so old).


Abe’s cousin and her boyfriend Tyler were in my ward at BYU. Here they are at one of Abe’s cousin Nan’s famous pie parties. It seems like everyone I knew went to these but me—I was never invited. Too nerdy studying maybe? Was anyone else from my past there too that I should know about?


Looks like he’s always liked babies. She is so big now!


Look at these little cuties!


I found one of Abby


and one of the whole gang (minus Aaron)


This is my favorite!


And this is my least favorite! I have a high suspicion she (at first I wrote “it”—oops) is one of those Cougarettes (BYU dance team) he was “always” dating.


or maybe this one. (The girl on the far left looks very familiar. I don’t remember her name but I feel like she was a runner on the track team. It is so weird that Abe and I have mutual contacts and overlapped at BYU but never met. He even dated a few girls I knew from high school.)


Good thing I know there’s only one girl for him!

June-July 2010 075

Love you “The Sheffield”, with or without curly hair! and even in a hat…

Kernels game 8


Jessica Sorensen said...

Now Ashley and Tyler are in our ward here in AZ. Small world :)

Suz said...

The stars were aligning, trying to get you two together, but making sure you both fulfilled your destiny. If you had met too soon...
In one of your recent posts you said, in the back of your mind, you didn't really think you'd go through with your goal/dream/God's plan for you, if you got married first.

wendy said... That girl to Abe's right in the bed picture (that sounds bad) is totally married to my cousin. Her name's Trina and she was BYU cheereleader. :)

wendy said...

oops, I mean Abe's left. My right.

Tawnya said...

That is too awesome! Love!