Sunday, March 10, 2013

Country Bumpkins

photo (1)

We just arrived home from a much needed vacation (especially after one month of trauma call) to Southern California.

The land of “cold” 60 degree winter days,


expansive beaches and palm trees,


In N Out Burger,


Cafe Rio (a Utah favorite which has migrated West which is like Pancheros on steroids except it actually isn’t anything like Pancheros because it is so much better),


giant red strawberries,

photo (1)

and “the Happiest Place on Earth” had me all but wondering why we aren’t living there now (despite the almost $5/gal gas and crazy traffic) or at least have serious plans for a relocation in about five years.

But I did have a moment of Iowa appreciation…

On our way from our hotel to the airport this morning we met a woman from Florida. She had a lot to complain about from the suspension on the (FREE) hotel shuttle, to the beds and sheets at the hotel. She asked us where we were from and we were told that she was from Florida. She mentioned that she knew nothing about Iowa and that she could never live in the Midwest--being from Florida, of course, it would be such a devastating adjustment.

I was feeling pretty eager to give up my Iowa home in exchange for some sunshine and the beach but I guess in my almost 8 years here I have gained a little pride for the Hawkeye State and I felt defensive about our corn country. Yes, it can be hot and humid (just like Florida). And we don’t have the ocean but we have managed to develop our own culture without the ocean and somehow an associated social life outside of corn at least part of the time. And crazy enough, No, Iowa City isn’t the ONLY city in the state. Hard to believe, I know, but there are actually people living amongst those cornfields thank you very much. Soon after we arrived at our terminal. We smiled and wished her a good trip but what I wanted to say was,

“You’re right. I think the people in Iowa (City) are much too educated and gracious for someone like you. I don’t think you’d fit in at all. “ (Did you know that Iowa City is one of the two most educated cities in America?)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s nice to be home sweet home in Ohio….

I mean Iowa.

Even if we wont get much sunshine for another few months.


Claire said...

This post resonates so much with me! We plan to head out to Southern California next week, judging by Aaron in the pictures probably not to far from where you were. Glad you had a nice vacation even if it was cold. Looking forward to getting to play with you again soon!

Claire said...

Haha just did a double take that's not Aaron thats Abe. They look so much alike!

Rachel Culmer said...

In-n-out, Cafe Rio, awesome strawberries, warmer weather.......I just got really home sick!

Suz said...

We just got home from Florida last night. It's a nice place to visit but even with the ocean, which I love, I wouldn't want to live there. Maybe there is a remote Key somewhere that could change my mind but I haven't found it yet.
I'm so happy to be home.

Tawnya said...

Wow, that looks amazing!!!

Camber said...

1) I totally agree about Panchero's. Once you've had Cafe Rio you can't go back.
2) I didn't realize how much I'd grown to love Iowa until we left. And yes, I think some people in my family still think we were in Ohio.