Thursday, December 6, 2012


Abraham has been rotating with the emergency department this month. This means that although he may not be super busy, he is working strange shifts. Last week he was working the evening shift and gone until well into the middle of the night/morning, often coming to bed within an hour of me leaving for work in the morning.

I have some bad habits when Abe is gone. It often includes marathon sessions of Gossip Girl or some other trashy show I know he wont mind me watching without him. I also tend to stay up later than I should. These together are often a bad combination. Especially because the trashy tv shows I often choose are creepy or scary.

Last week I had the great instinct to watch a show about stalkers. I learned all about how a woman was murdered by an ex-boyfriend after secretly moving to a whole other state; a woman who was stalked by an anonymous caller; a woman who was stalked by an old high school acquaintance, etc. All of these stalking tales ended up with the victims being attacked or almost attacked by their stalkers. Really useful information when you are home alone at night. I couldn’t help but thinking of a circumstance where a too-friendly patient decided to come track me down while Abe was at work. And probably through my blog.

I finally fell asleep (after watching a non-scary trashy tv show) but had dreams all night I met a stalker at an event aimed to help prevent us from becoming victims of stalkers.

I maybe need to stick with Disney from here on out.

* * *

It does bring me to a serious thought of changing my blog title to something more anonymous. When I started blogging I never thought anyone would read or try to find me and I wanted it to be easy to remember for those close to me. Now, I am not too excited about patient’s finding me through my blog, friendly or stalkerish, when searching my name online. Not only is that a privacy issue (not like I’m very private to begin with), but I see so many different patients I’d rather not be so easy to track down online.

Will you keep reading if I change my address? I guess changing now will prevent future stalkers but not any current ones I may have. So please blog stalkers, stay friendly!

P.S. I’m taking suggestions for a new address…I wonder if or are available?

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Tawnya said...

Of course we would still read. And you could go private. Then only people you invite could read it. But I would require an invite...