Tuesday, December 4, 2012

pregnancy mistakes

Evidently my blog made bigger waves than I expected. Abe said he had an attending ask if I was really pregnant. And nope, still not.


Being confused for a pregnant woman is one of the most depressing and frustrating offenses that can be made against a woman. This time I wont be upset as I seemed to have brought it upon myself, but a food baby confused with a real baby is downright humiliating. I did have a roommate in college and a boyfriend in college agree I had a “funny tummy” (thank you very much for that complex which I am still struggling with 11 years later) but there is only one time I can think of where I was confused for a pregnant woman:

We were at a conference and an old dental school professor was introducing me to another woman:

“Isn’t this lovely, two expectant mothers! Wow, that really is great.”

“Oh you are pregnant? Congratulations…Um, wait, who did you say is pregnant?”

“Yeah, it is really wonderful. Both of you having babies, when are you due? She’s due in X.”

“What, you think I’m pregnant, too? That’s news to me!”

Luckily he followed (perhaps strategically with), “Oh, I had heard you were. I thought for sure it was you. It’s not? But I heard you were. I guess I am mistaken.”

He evidently had me confused with another newly expecting woman he had heard about through the grapevine. And it was hard to convince him that I actually wasn’t pregnant. He was so pleased for me (I could see the genuine happiness in his eyes) he didn’t hardly hear my clarifications that I wasn’t pregnant.

I’m lucky he was just remembering wrong instead of me looking with child (isn’t that a strange phrase? kinda gives me the creepers!). Hopefully I can continue to prevent further incidences as I get older (and a little chubbier).

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Mom said...

I still have you beat in the "presumed-but not really pregnant" dept. I was doing water-aerobics for months when a group of women came up to me after class and told me how great it was that I was so good at it. I blushed as they went on about how they followed me instead of the instructor...because I was SO good. Then, they asked how much longer before I delivered. Very depressing.