Monday, December 3, 2012

A little clarification

It appears there has been some confusion about exactly who and how many Jackson twins are currently pregnant. For those of you reading between the lines, I’m sorry to disappoint you but there is only one twin with a bun-in-the-oven. If you are still wondering, I can say, it isn’t me!

Sorry to disappoint, especially those thinking, “It’s about time!” For those of you thinking, “How will she make THAT work?” I’m wondering the same thing. Let me know if you have ideas or want to be my free full time nanny. Of course you’d have to be on call 24 hours a day, at least some months, so let me know.

I can’t say I blame you if you were confused. I suspected people may make assumptions. I am sorry I didn’t designate my photo as a “sympathetic bloating” and not the real deal. I didn’t purposefully try to deceive but I am convinced I can make myself look pregnant with how far I can push out my belly. I think my mom agrees (as she took the picture) and so does my husband (which he doesn’t seem to like).

Here is photographic evidence from the same day that I’m not as pregnant as I looked before (hopefully I don’t look pregnant at all!) and Amber trying to be sympathetically un-pregnant.


And photographic evidence that I have at least a 50% chance of having an adorable little duck of my own when I finally do make this milestone:


Do you see a resemblance? She is genetically equivalent to one of my own. It leaves Abe as the variable factor in the equation.


Hope Abe can pull his (genetic) weight!

And thanks for all of the congratulations. I will mentally store them away until they are really merited.


Happy's future Grandma said...

Aw Shucks! ha ha ha

Tawnya said...

he he. You don't look pregnant at all, not even a little.