Saturday, September 29, 2012

Honest Abe

Dr. Sheffield is a great doctor. I know he is just getting started but he already has mastered the most important skill of doctoring, something not all docs ever achieve: patient rapport (otherwise called “bedside manner”).

Dr. Sheffield started his residency just a few short months ago. Already, he seems to have a knack for making friends with patients and building their trust. He has received multiple gifts in his few short weeks. He even had a request from a patient for him to see him in the Oto clinic (he hasn’t even worked in the Oto clinic yet but they must remember him from his time as  med student). Somehow I don’t tend to get the same response from my patients (“I HATE dentists!”).

The only problem is, he also is well liked by the nurses. Usually you want the nurses on your side but I think his good looks help the cause a little too much. He has been told by the nurses at the VA that he looks like the romantic lead in the 50 Shades of Grey books. He gets asked his marital status and inquiries about what it means when he is not wearing his wedding ring (sometimes he forgets).

I don’t worry because I know he is an honest and loyal man who will keep his relationship professional.

I’m lucky that the cardiac floor nurses seem to recognize this as well:



Mom said...

I think he could be mean and rude to the patients and they would stll love him. Well, we'll never know because, I can't picture him being mean and rude to anyone.

Tawnya said...

He should start frowning and being grumpy all the time. Then maybe the nurses would leave him alone... ;)

Rachel Culmer said...

Abe be's impossible!