Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top O’ the morning to ya, amigo!

One thing I miss from home in Utah besides the mountains (and my family –okay, the third thing I miss) is Mexican food. I’m not saying Utah has the best Mexican food around but it’s certainly better than Iowa City.
I really don’t think Iowans have any idea what they are missing out on. I get rave reviews from restaurants all over town but have been generally disappointed with practically every restaurant I have tried in this food genre.
Think about it: Iowa (or at least Iowa City) is a place where some of the prominent Mexican restaurants are Taco Johns and Carlos O’Kelly’s.
Don’t get me wrong, I like potato ole’s as much as the next guy, but there just aren’t very many Mexicans in Iowa and this is certainly reflected in the food. So when you have to rely on a guy named John (wouldn’t you have more confidence at Taco Juans?) or an Irish man with a strangely ill fitting first name for your fajita fix, it’s not surprising it isn’t as authentic or delicious as one would hope. I think I would feel similarly about going to a Chinese restaurant called “Bob's Chinese Buffet” or Italian at “Ted’s Lasagna.” It just doesn’t instill a lot of confidence.
Luckily, I have found a few places in town I like and the Iowa City Mexican scene is slowly looking up. I recommend La Reyna and La Michoacana. I feel a little closer to home (and my Mexican roots) at these two places.

Then again, Iowa always has its  Taco Pizza!


Abby said...

But dont people like taco johns te same way they like taco bell? Not for authenticity but because potato oles are just good in their greasy glory;) haven't had those in years! Utah's best for me is always cafe rio. Not authentic but so good. And I'll never understand the East Coast's obsession with chipotle!

Suz said...

Nothing like good ol' Mama Chu's!