Friday, September 14, 2012

That’s (my) life

Things have been quite busy as of late! I’ve been wondering where the time has gone and I’m not really sure. It seems all I do lately is work and exercise (the last part I’m quite pleased about). Abraham is working strange hours and I feel we get less and less time (and even less productive/quality time) together although he does seem to be working slightly fewer hours. I’m trying my hand at spinning (exhausting), zumba (fun! if only I could do those body rolls and hip shakes better), and more biking and jogging than I’ve done in the recent past. I feel stronger with more energy (and am a little frustrated I haven’t lost any/much weight). I’ve had little to no success in cleaning, studying, cooking, etc beyond my exercise routine.

Yesterday was a long day at work. I was in the OR from almost 7 am – 10 pm. Yawn. A lot of delays and not actually that many hours of surgery, unfortunately. But I did make a century, 107 teeth pulled in one day. I had the lucky opportunity to go back to the ER about 1:30 am the next morning as well. I kept wondering why I was kind of tired today…oh yeah. When I finally got off work today, unfortunately, Abe was just starting. I’m trying to enjoy his time working as “me” time. Time to exercise, study, catch up on all the menial tasks I should be doing (and netflix marathons of trashy tv shows), and eating things I would never feed to my husband for dinner like squash and pickles (okay, I’m not sure what I’ll eat with the squash, probably not pickles, but who knows!).

I’m hoping to do some more posting this weekend. Yay for weekends off. Something about actually having a weekend to look forward to is a huge mental health boost! Most people take these two days for granted or complain they aren’t long enough. I’ve learned to really savor them. Yummy yummy days off!



Mom said...

There is a season for every purpose under heaven.

Tawnya said...

Ok, seriously?? 107 teeth pulled?! That is incredible!!