Monday, March 12, 2012


Today 4th year medical students around the country found out IF they matched for residency or not.

Thankfully, Abe matched. After submitting a "suicide" rank list (only one program), we know exactly what the envelope will say come Friday when everyone finds out WHERE they matched.

I'm so grateful that things worked out for us. Pretty good when we both only ranked Iowa.

Oh, and did I say what residency he finally chose?

Otolaryngology. Also known as ENT (ears, nose, throat surgery).

We will both be considered "head and neck surgeons." We will even have some potential rotations together next year (oral surgery, SICU, and ENT). And I will look forward to manipulating him into taking care of my facial trauma patients in the middle of the night (just kidding, maybe).

It is weird when you finally reach those milestones that seemed so far off. We've been waiting for this closure for almost 8 years (well, 8 for Abe, almost 7 for me).


Tawnya said...

Congratulations!! And Yay for iowa. :)

Rachel Culmer said...

Great news! This is awesome!