Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Neurosurgery countdown: 10 days. I will be officially done with my NSG rotation in 10 (LONG) days. Things have overall been going very well. The people have been very nice, the work isn't overly complicated, and I have been able to see more things, including my first live brain. And yes, it does pulse. Our bodies are so amazing!

Here is what my typical day has been like:

3:45 (am). Alarm. I try to squeeze in a few minutes extra of sleep as much as possible.
3:55 really get out of bed. Forget about make up or earrings or even more than a messy ponytail.
4:15 arrive on the ward and review the stats for my patients each day
5:00 review new inpatients and xrays from the day before with the NSG team
5:45 round on all of the patient.
6:45 breakfast
7:00- write orders, notes, discharge patients. Intermittently see clinic patients for history and physical exams. Go to the OR if I have time
4:30ish round on patients, give update to on-call resident
sometime after 5 go home! Make dinner. Shower. Veg on couch. And go to bed way too late.
Restart about 5-6 short hours later.

Last week I was able to participate in my first two OR procedures. I was able to do a "burr hole" which is a procedure where you use a large drill to make a hole in the skull, often to drain out a blood clot that is putting pressure on the brain. Cool!

It has also been sad. It is very different from my usual day to see such sick patients. It isn't uncommon for people to die or to not be able to talk, swallow, eat, move, etc. I am really glad that I don't have to see that on a day to day basis. I also find myself getting pretty attached. I really root for the patients and their families who often stand by morning (early morning!) and night for a small sign from the patient (like opening their eyes, wiggling their toes, etc) or good word from the surgeons. It breaks my heart to see the look of disappointment on their faces when we have no good news for them that day.

On a positive note, we booked a vacation for Abe's graduation celebration to Curacao!

I'm excited to celebrate this great accomplishment after 8 years with a trip to the Caribbean!
Has anyone ever been? Any recommendations?


Tawnya said...

I don't think I could do it either. That would be so hard. I think I would also get attached. Yay on your trip though!! Have fun in the sun for me too!

Oriens said...

only 10 more! You can do it! Your trip sounds fun and well deserved for both of you!