Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little Disappointments

While I am on General Surgery I am supposed to have 4 days off per month. I have learned to really appreciate those days and even just having a few hours off has seemed like VACATION.

This weekend I am off. Two days in a row. Maybe even Monday, depending on if they need me or not. Or so I thought. Abe called me last night right before bed (as he was on-call all night at the hospital) and told me I was on call tonight. I had no idea. I somehow had misread the call schedule so I had no idea.

What a disappointment. A 12 hour shift isn't a big deal, really. But I was so looking forward to a full weekend off. That hasn't happened to me in months. I'm not super pleased that one of my two weekends off has a night shift right in the middle. Isn't really a weekend off, afterall.

What a disappointing thing to realize at 10:30 on a Friday night. I will be taking general surgery call for the trauma team and all other general surgery teams. Honestly, I am a bit nervous to be on TRAUMA (not just facial trauma) but I also think it could be kind of fun and crazy busy (first game day of the year today). I'm looking forward to NEXT weekend when I really have the entire weekend off and am meeting my parents in Chicago. Yay!

Have to cancel my dinner plans. And my sleeping plans. Don't judge my lesson tomorrow at church too much!

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nathan n rachel said...

You taught on Sunday? Bummer! I had to sub for the sunbeams.