Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Hair Story

My mom always had a pixie growing up. She felt like a boy. She hated it. So when she was blessed with four daughters, naturally we all had long hair growing up. In fact, my first REAL haircut wasn't until my freshman year of high school. I had regular trims but I don't remember ever cutting off more than a few inches at a time until I made the jump to shoulder length hair.

Maybe as a result, I never got into the habit of regular hair cuts. I've continued to have long hair since that time although usually not quite that long. I usually grow it until I can't stand it anymore. Then comes the spontaneous, "I need it cut and I need it cut now!" where I call around until I find any salon that will have an opening. I've never come out looking horrible (takes a lot to mess up long hair I suppose) but I also haven't found anyone I've loved.

Until last November. In one of my "cut it now" rages, I happened upon Chelsea. She was amazing. A real hair artist. I had never had such a wonderful haircut where almost everyone seemed impressed (even weeks later after the initial shock of the change I was getting almost daily compliments) and I felt I could actually make it look kind of close to how she did it. I was so pleased I even scheduled my next appointment 6 weeks later before leaving the salon. I did this a few times in a row. I was sold.

And then, one day she disappeared. I showed up for my appointment and another girl took me back. I had received a message on my phone as I was on my way saying that she would be doing my hair that day but I was shocked when I showed up that that was indeed true. She didn't say a word about it, acted as if she was my normal girl and proceeded to cut. I was shocked and angry. I didn't want to take it out on her but I as mad they wouldn't at least inform me earlier and ask if this new plan was ok. I finally asked, "So is Chelsea gone?" ..."Yes, and I don't know where she went."

I was angry and upset. Normally I wouldn't have blinked an eye about this but now I finally cared and she was lost.

A few weeks later I told a friend about Chelsea and how she was lost. A few weeks after that I noticed this friend had a cute new 'do. I asked who did it and she told me "Chelsea." I knew it had to be her and hooray, I found her once again. I saw her once...until...

I received a call today. She has moved again. At least this time she had my number so she could inform me of her next jump. But unfortunately, with each move has come a significant price increase. Her new salon now "starts at $50" for women's cuts. As much as I love her, I don't know that I can fork out that much (plus tip) for a haircut often enough to stick with her. Or $40 for her to cut Abe's hair, which she also did a great job on.

What a disappointment. After a long roller coaster ride. Does anyone have someone in Iowa City they really like? I mean REALLY like?


Rachel said...

This happened to me! for 4 years I had my hair done by Marcia and she switched and switched until she finally quit hair altogether to become a nurse. She said she didnt want to be on her feet all day. (Uh...DUH?!)
Anyways, I see Tara at The Blaze. $21 cut, $11 for her to style it after. I usually just go with the cut and style when I get home, I hate all the junk they put it anyways. She's funny, too.

Tawnya said...

What?!!!?! She is gone?! I am so bummed!

Teed Family said...

I used to see Tara from teh balze as well..she is great!