Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've discovered a new pet peeve. I'm kind of feeling bad about having pet peeves right now (the idea of thinking I am so important that things I find annoying--that other people obviously do--are so mortifying that I would make it a PET that I feed with my loathing makes me feel a little arrogant) but I can't seem to shake this one.

Have you seen these babies?

Evidently, we humans were 'Born to Run' and we weren't born with shoes. Barefoot running is I think coming quickly into vogue and these little babies are designed to protect your tootsies as you run like your mamma made you to run.

That's not the problem. Although I find them a little creepy and I personally have major concerns about them fitting my abnormally long toes, I have no other problems with them for their designed purpose: running.

But have you seen people wearing them around in the community? As if they are a cool new fashion accessory? I know they are expensive but to me it just looks silly. I don't seem them being comfortable. They have no support. They aren't cute. Maybe it is the same idea of a designer purse that is quite ugly but cost a fortune. It makes people look and say "Wow." Maybe I am supposed to be impressed you could afford them or that you must be a big-time runner.

But I still can't get past the fact that you are wearing them around like they are normal shoes. And in the hospital, or worst yet, while you perform surgery in the OR. I think I want a little more padding between me and all of the germs.

And as I said, they still kind of creep me out.


Robyn said...

So true! The other day I was walking around the building at work and saw a girl wearing them like they were shoes and thought the same thing. They are for running (and even then they're a little odd) not day to day strolling around work!

Colt said...


Camber said...

Poor doctors. They are stuck in those shapeless green scrubs and the only way to manifest their individuality is by wearing weird shoes! I think they make your feet look like gorilla feet, especially the black ones.

nathan n rachel said...

I don't like them either.

Rachel said...

I saw a 50 something lady buy some at scheels yesterday. They were brown leather...I wouldn't be too judgmental to tell you they closely resembled her skin, would I?