Monday, August 22, 2011


I mowed the lawn last week. You may be impressed but that isn't the point of this story.

While I was mowing, I noticed an older gentleman pushing a stroller with a baby. He waved in a very friendly manner as he walked by. I was a bit surprised by how excited he seemed to be to see me but I figured it was a nice gesture.

As I continued mowing the backyard I noticed as I approached the sidewalk at the end (and I guess beginning) of each row that he had reached the corner at the end of our lot and had turned around. As I mowed row by row, he came in and out of my view (or rather, I seemed to figure out, I into his) and out of the corner of my eye it appeared he was just standing there. No longer pushing a stroller. Just standing behind a stroller. I was embarassed to stare so I tried not to be paranoid as I continued to mow. After I had finished quite a few rows I started feeling uncomfortable. Was he really watching me? Was he just tired and taking a break before continuing back the way he had come? He was older so I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I decided to focus on the part of the yard behind the house so I wouldn't have to feel like my mowing technique (or whatever else he was watching) was under scrutiny. After a few minutes I noticed he walked by towards the other end. "Phew, he's gone."

However, as I began to mow the now undone portion close to the street, I noticed he was at the other corner of our yard, now at the driveway, turned around facing me again. Standing there. That is when I really got the creeps. Yes I was wearing short shorts from my single days but that didn't mean I deserved to feel like I had a stalker. I wondered what to do. I thought about approaching him and asking how I could help him. I opted to mow the side lawn (again) on the far side of the house, away from view.

I then went to the front door, knocked quickly and loudly until my (former cop) brother-in-law answered. He tried to scope out my new "friend" but couldn't see him from the window. I figured I was safe after a few minutes, and finally went out to finish. I could see him far off in the distance towards what I figured was home.

Strange. And creepy. He looked harmless but I still felt a little violated. It made me a little more anxious about keeping my blinds closed at night. I wonder what he would have done had I gone and said hi?


Tawnya said...

That is so creepy! He didn't even try to hide the fact that he was staring! EEWWWW!!

nathan n rachel said...

Creepy...creepy...creepy. I got more creeped out as I continued reading.

Marci Wittwer Butterfield said...

Yes def. creepy... but take it as a compliment!! haha.