Sunday, April 3, 2011

Supposedly today was the best day ever. Or at least so far this spring.

I've been told by multiple people that it is a wonderful day outside. My husband has been bestowing his confectionary successes upon his family (panipopo and bread pudding--check out his blog for the recipes), enjoying a day off church and for those of my faith--watching general conference. I am missing it all, on-call at the hospital.

But, while you may be out reveling in the sunshine, or eating yummy treats made by my husband while watching the Mo-Tab choir in your PJs, I have been enjoying my day. Or at least trying not to "resent the very things that are helping me reach my potential" (in other words, I am trying to have a good attitude about being on-call and missing out on such a beautiful day for the sake of educational experiences which are the whole point of residency, right?). I am also getting a chance to practice qualities like patience, compassion, kindness, and maybe suturing.

So what have I been doing all day? Answering phone calls about what is and isn't normal after tooth extractions. Yes, pain is normal. And yes, smoking will cause a dry socket (told you so!). Organizing my desk (first time all year!). Reading 50 pages of anesthesia topic review. Learning 2-handed surgical knot tying (and practicing through the entire session of afternoon conference session)! Reading 4 scientific journal articles. Turning in my daily log for March. Eating in the cafeteria (bleh). Somehow watching almost the entire two sessions of conference.

Still 13 hours to go. I am hoping to add to the list, "Sleeping soundly through a quiet night despite a hard bed."

P.S. I am still pretty stoked I taught myself the surgical knot tying. Ha! Bring on the appendices (sp?), General Surgery!

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brenna said...

Sorry you had to work. Hopefully abe at least saved you some of his goodies!