Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mirror mirror

It’s bed time. So why am I writing and missing a few extra minutes of precious sleep? Because I need some accountability.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the the concept of a time and a season for everything--the idea that I can’t do everything so I have to pick and choose what is appropriate for me to be doing at this time. One thought I had tonight as I was getting in bed regarded my personal appearance.

“Hmmm, one day when I have more time I will make sure I wear makeup and look my best every day.”

Sounds like a great idea, right. And then,

“It really shouldn’t be too hard, it only takes about 5 minutes more a day.”

I’m really fast, so it took me a minute or two to realize,

“Well, I guess if it really only takes a few minutes, why don’t I do it now?”

My answer in the past has been really one issue: SLEEP.

Somehow, an extra few minutes in bed seems so much more fun than a little eyeshadow and mascara. Especially when I wear scrubs and a ponytail almost everyday. When I am being splatted with blood and saliva on an hourly basis. When I am working with a bunch of guys I’m not trying to impress (at least not with my good looks).

But, I think I will feel better having a little more pride in how I present myself. I think Abe will appreciate it. And although I’ve spent years trying to avoid being high maintenance and to tell myself and believe that no matter how I look from day to day, I am the same important person on the inside, it doesn’t hurt to help yourself out. I read an article recently that also stated that women in business are viewed more negatively if they do not wear makeup, I guess because they come across as not caring.

So here’s where the accountability comes in. I am going to start with this week (gotta start small) and wear makeup (and maybe earrings) every day. I may still look like a scrub but it can’t hurt! And you can keep me to it.

Bring on the longer lashes and a little color. I’ll let you know if it makes a difference. Do you have any tips on making yourself beautiful everyday? I’ve never been very good at consistency in this department.


Amber said...

I can totally relate to you, especially when I just stay at home most days - it doesn't seem worth it to get ready. I've noticed that when I make the effort, I not only feel better about myself, I feel like I'm ready to take on the day. For me, blush, a little under-eye concealer, and mascara go a long way. I'll be interested to see how this goes for you!

Abby said...

It's amazing how much better a little cover up and mascara makes me feel! Mascara plays mind tricks on me and actually makes me feel more awake too, since it makes me LOOK more awake. Maybe it will have the same effect on you on tired mornings?

But, for the record, you always look cute when I see you!

Little Red said...

I use a moisturizer that is tinted! It is not too heavy- and takes 30 seconds to spread on your face. Then some quick swipes with a powder brush that is attached to the tube of powder- so that it constantly has powder in it! - It is SO fast!!!!