Friday, October 15, 2010


Today is interview day. Even though I am off-service and will not see any of the applicants today, I am meeting up with all of the residents and applicants for dinner tonight. This will be my 4th dinner like this. Two years ago as an applicant, last year as an intern (who also happened to be an applicant) and then again as an official applicant as part of MY interview, and finally, this year, as a resident.

It feels like a huge milestone to know that I reached my goal. I am so relieved I am done with the pressures of interviewing for residency. Things really worked out in the end and what a relief. I think I am really going to enjoy my first dinner as a resident and not an applicant. I might even order dessert!


nathan n rachel said...

It will be nice to be on the other side and really enjoy your meal instead of stressing about the interview.

brenna said...

So you get to actually interview the applicants? Congrats on reaching such an amazing goal!