Sunday, October 17, 2010


It has been over 5 years since I graduated from BYU. In some ways, that feels like yesterday. In other ways, it almost feels like my time there was a dream that I get small flashbacks from. It is kind of funny what brings back the memories.

I was walking home one evening last week. I just happened to have an over-the-shoulder bag with me. Without thinking, I slung it on over my left shoulder and positioned it snugly in my right armpit, instead of letting it hand naturally down the middle of my chest.  I suddenly remembered why I do this: during my time at BYU, over-the-shoulder bags were the new thing, replacing the so old fashioned back pack. However, thanks to the Daily Universe (is that right, it always reminds me of Superman), the BYU daily paper, and its so enlightening editorial and letters to the editor page, I soon realized that there was a big push by some students to have these bags banned for the cleavage promoting objects they are, as part of the honor code. Evidently, these bags were causing some men to have inappropriate thoughts about the way they fit snugly between two parts of a woman’s body. I always thought it ridiculous but didn’t like the idea of people going there so I learned to situate the bag up a bit higher to avoid the whole area in question.

I started thinking about other long forgotten BYU memories. Tunnel Singing. DTRs. NCMO. Rape Hill (we really called it that?!). Hiking the Y (and people do that without doing it for alcohol or make-out purposes). Knee length shorts. FHE.

So different from Iowa. We might have tailgaiting, one night stands, booty shorts. FAC (Friday after class at the bar).

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nathan n rachel said...

NCMOs...that's hilarious. I must say the backpack deal is a little extreme (though I do see some reasoning).
Apparently, Nathan has heard some people excited about "THAC" instead of "FAC." Ridiculos....