Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wish List

We close on our house in just 10 days. I am getting very excited. I am also making a mental list of projects I would like to tackle, some realistic, others maybe in the future or my dreams.

Near future:

-new windows (included in our allowance at closing)

-painting the shutters/door/base

-new pedestal sink in kitchen

-installation of water heater, new washer/dryer

-landscaping—I would really like some evergreen bushes. Currently the landscaping is all deciduous and during the 6 drab months of winter, there is NO color outside. Some bushes could really help.

-paint the pergola on the side of the house, dress up with possibly climbing flowering vines, hanging baskets, patio furniture

Hopefully in the somewhat near future:

-somehow dress up the unfinished basement to make it more homey (ideas?)

-choose colors and paint interior rooms

-alter my curtains to work in the new house (possible?)

-replace or upgrade stone steps in front and on side of house

Dream on (or not?)

-kitchen island, perhaps with new oven (the current one is a little small for my baker husband), and granite countertops

-extend our porch along the front of the house

-finish the attic (master bedroom/bath? upstairs balcony?)

Does anyone know about renovations? What is the best bang for your buck, especially in something like an attic renovation? Any ideas on costs, feasibility, money saving tips? Also I still could use some tips on shutter/door colors, landscaping ideas, etc, if you have any.

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nathan n rachel said...

Watch out...the list will continue to get longer and more expensive!