Sunday, June 13, 2010

We’ve only just begun….

May 2010 039

Last night was our yearly resident’s banquet. As the intern, I was honored for completing my year of service. I felt a little silly being an “honoree” as I still have 4 more years to go, but it was nice to be thanked for the hardwork I did this year. I am excited to think of the next year when I will be officially a resident!

May 2010 033

It was nice to have Colton there to support me. I think he appreciated the free food including the prime rib.

May 2010 034

I really couldn’t do it without Abraham. He does so much physically and emotionally to help me through. I am so lucky to have such a helpful and supportive husband who isn’t threatened by all of the time I spend at the hospital.

May 2010 044

These are some of the assistants from the VA hospital. They are such a fun, friendly, and supportive crew! I got to work with them quite a bit this past year as the intern. I will miss seeing them every week.

May 2010 042

These are two of my dental school classmates who are completing their general dentistry residencies. I will really miss them! I don’t know what I will do without Kyra to do all of my girl talking with and Joe always makes me laugh. I wish them luck in the real world of dentistry. I wish they were staying!

May 2010 045

I was presented with a few tokens of appreciation, a UIHC medallion and a University of Iowa clock.

I was also required to give a short speech. Abe recorded it but I can’t get it to load. I think it was well received although I was more nervous than usual speaking in front of my work peers and bosses!

It is hard to believe this is my last week as THE INTERN. Only two more days on-call, we close on our house on Friday, and I get a week off. Hooray!


Amber W. said...

Congratulations! I'm excited that this means you're one step closer in telling me what's wrong with my jaw. :-)

But seriously, I'm so happy for you!

Diana said...

Congrats, Erin! Good luck with the official residency! Your pictures look good. I love your super long hair and like the coordination you and Abe did with your clothes. You two are such a good-looking, superpower couple. I'm so glad that things are going so well for you two!

Lots of love!!!

nathan n rachel said...

2 more days on call----wahhooo! Get some rest before the residency starts!

brenna said...

Sounds like an exciting time! I bet you're glad to be moving onto the next phase