Saturday, November 15, 2008

Soup Savvy?

I think it is winter...but I have been in a huge soup mood lately. I have made so far a very healthy garden veggie, cheeseburger, and am anxiously awaiting my chance to make my mom's zucchini soup recipe. Somehow, I am still wanting more. Anyone have any good ones they would recommend?

Also, for those of you unaware, my husband is an excellent cook, especially baker. He has some great (and mostly fattening) recipes (with pics) to share on his blog.


Abby said...

I sent Abe a creamy white chicken chili recipe awhile ago (he may have put it on his blog). If you guys haven't tried it yet I really do recommend it. I made it for a super bowl party last year and it was a hit (and I'm generally not a huge fan of chili).

On the other hand I made a butternut squash soup a few weeks ago that somehow turned out to be completely gross. That one goes on the do not repeat EVER list.

Caitlyn said...

Carrot soup :D
Mom's HomeMade Chicken Noodle
Dad's HomeMade Oyster chowder
Mom's sweet and sour soup

The Swensons said...

I have an awesome recipe for Cheesy Broccoli soup. My husband absolutely loves it and everytime we make it, we have to double the batch so he will have leftovers to take to work for the next few days! :) If you're interested, write your email address on my blog and I will send the recipe to you! (or just email me at