Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sad Politics

Tuesday I found myself very grateful walking from the ballot box. Not only are we as citizens allowed to vote, but I, as a woman, am allowed to vote and do not have to rely on my husband to make those decisions for me (esp this time...). Anyway, although I may have been disappointed some of my candidates and issues were overruled, I am grateful we have a democracy where people get to decide.

That is why I am very sad about all of the hub-ub over Proposition 8 in California. Here is a blog that explains well why I am many others from our church supported its passing.


It makese me extremely sad to see how this use of democracy has been turned around to point the finger at others who chose differently. Actually, it makes me sick. We elected a black president but we have a long way to go in other ways...


The Swensons said...

My husband made an interesting point about Prop 8 last night. A news reporter interviewed a gay rights activist who said, "It's just not fair that the majority makes decisions involving the minority." To this, my husband said, "Well then we should be out fighting to have two presidents right now (Obama and McCain). You and I didn't want Obama to win, but he did. So should we be out on the streets saying it's unfair and that we should get what we want because obviously we're the 'minority'? No, we just deal with it because that's how democracy works. The majority decides, and the minority just deals with it."

I thought it was a very good point.

The thing that irritates me the most about Prop 8 is that it should never have been an issue in the first place. The California court system should have never been so arrogant to go in and change the law without asking the people first. Last time I checked, we lived in a democracy where the people decide. :)

Sorry for my tangent, but great post. I also really enjoyed that other blog - good stuff.

brenna said...


Suz said...

There is a problem that the most intolerant people seem to be the ones telling everyone else how intolerant they are.

Heidi Anne said...

amen! The funny thing is... prop 8 passed and people are still fighting it... we're not out fighting against Obama who won. Just shows you... the more wicked the people get... the more righteous members will get. It's a battle against Satan... all out war! The people against prop 8 are saying we are taking their rights away... but actually, they are taking ours away