Friday, November 14, 2008

Last interview

My back-up plan for next year if I don't get into OS is looking more and more like it will be the general practice residency at the hospital (GPR). Today was my interview. I was surprised to see so many people from all over. I kind of suspected to see mostly Iowa students there, of which I was the only one. I was also surprised to see I was yet again the only woman. 

The interview itself was very casual. The interviewers assured me I was a very competitive applicant and they had already heard a lot about me both in person and by letter from some of my instructors. That was nice to hear. My second interviewer had to leave and I was assigned to interview with one of the oral surgeons. Since he had just interviewed me a few weeks ago, they skipped that. So, the interviewing itself was very short (less than 10 minutes) and low stress. They were positive and very supportive of my interest in specialty training.

So this is what will happen:

In December the GPR program will let me know if they want me. They are willing to wait for me to make my decision in late January after I hear back from the OS match. However, this does not mean they will hold a spot for me. So, my back-up plan does pose a risk as it is not a sure deal, even if accepted. More waiting game...

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shawn said...

WAIT... they don't do all of them at the same time?? It's all dentistry.. Why do you have to wait so long for OS?? What is up with that??
How does doing a GPR benifit?? I guess I didn't even know that they had one.. wow...