Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LIfe keeps rolling along...

I had no patients today which made me very frustrated. For some reason I feel picked on and upset when I have nothing to do--if a patient cancels or fails their appointment--and I feel desperate to find something to do. This afternoon I finally got called to OS for a screening (a 20 minute appt). Then, I had to do a screening in another department just as the OS emergencies poured in. So, instead of getting to extract teeth and get some points, I reviewed a medical history and made an x-ray for a grand total of 8 points, 14 for the day. If I get less than 30 points per day I feel pretty annoyed. I have been trying so hard to work hard, be efficient, and finish my major cases before I leave for my rotations in one month! but it is hard when you have to rely on patients to make it in. I need to get used to it for private practice when it is more than graduation credits, but being able to pay the light bill and the staff.

On a good note, I am really excited for the blackberry storm that comes out on Friday. I may have to ride the wave of trendy-ness and go for it the day it is released. My phone is ready to retire.

And, a shirt I have wanted for over a month ago at Banana Republic was on sale for just $9.99 today. I am glad I waited. I have a BR credit card that sends me gift cards for BR. I wanted to use the $10 card but I guess I am required to spend at least the amount the card is worth before tax. Bummer, the shirts was one penny too cheap. Haha.


Suz said...

You need to relax and not let these things you cant control get to you so bad.

shawn said...

You will get your patients in.. don't worry about it.. And like you said, you need to get use to that for private practice..
Although I would have rather been pulling teeth than going over med history too.. and a big whoop on the x-rays..